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Sworn translation

Legal translation consists of transferring from one language to another different types of legal documents such as contracts and commercial agreements, legislation and jurisprudence, commercial proposals, payment documents, insurance policies, etc. Legal translators are a specialized professional who has been trained in this field, know the legal systems of both languages and master the specific concepts, terms and phraseology. Most of these documents do not require a sworn translation, but they should be translated by an expert to avoid possible mistakes that could cause harm to the parties.

On the other hand, sworn translation is performed when it is necessary to give public faith in the veracity and fidelity of the translation, so that it is valid in a foreign country. Sworn translation of documents is usually required  foreigners to be involved in administrative and judicial proceedings. This type of translation is carried out by a sworn translator , qualified with the corresponding title, who certifies, seals and signs the translation and is legally responsible for any errors he may make. Here are some examples:


  • Notarial documentation: powers of attorney, deeds, wills, deeds, company constitutions, etc.

  • Commercial documentation: audits, minutes of meetings, articles of association, etc.

  • Judicial documentation: procedures, judgments, decisions, etc.

  • Administrative documentation: employment documents, academic certificates, Civil Registry certificates, residence permits, criminal records, etc.

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