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Translation fees vary depending on the format of the original text, the volume of the order, the level of specialization and the delivery time. You can request a no-obligation quote.

In the general translation, of scientific texts, of legal or economic texts and the sworn translation a rate calculated based on the number of words of the translated document is applied. A minimum translation fee applies for small documents.


For other modalities, such as literary translation or  audiovisual (dubbing and subtitling), the calculation of the cost of the translation is based on the number of characters (matrices) or book pages , and the minutes of the audiovisual product, respectively.


Spelling, spelling, or style correction and editing services can be calculated based on the number of parallels in the document or by hours, depending on the assignment.


Urgent translations (less than 48 hours or weekends) have a 25% surcharge on the usual rate.​​ Sworn translations have an increase in the fee, on the one hand, because the translator assumes possible criminal and civil liability for errors or inaccuracies in the translation, and on the other, because they must be delivered on paper, which implies shipping costs. A minimum rate of € 45 applies. If more copies are requested, 25% of the translation price will be applied for each one.

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